Sophia Retreats
Sophia Retreats
Awaken Sacred Feminine Wisdom and Sexy Wholeness Within | Retreats in Italy, Mexico, Scottsdale, Palm Springs

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THe sophia experience is...



One part whimsical and luxurious restoration.

(We like nice places.)


 One part training in the sacred and playful art of feminine wholeness.

(And sex coaching, too!)


 One part glamorously awesome girl-time with kindred spirits. 

(With plenty of Tequila or Prosecco, depending on where in the world we are together.)



Discover a Femininity & Spirituality That belongs to you



Restorative Beauty.

If the body feels well-cared for, the soul can feel safe to be seen. Beautiful destinations and accommodations mark every Sophia Retreat experience.

"Beauty will save the world," said Fyodor Dostoevsky. Sophia invites us into beauty so we can restore our body and mind and feel more present with Spirit.


Radical Belonging

"It's been hard for me to find people who feel like my people, and women who feel like sisters. But I've found them here. Here it feels safe to be fully me."

This is a common experience for women drawn to the Sophia Retreats.

We are the women that never felt like we fully belonged in groups of women... be they at church, a sorority or the PTA.

We hid from friendships and connection or only shared only parts of who we are, intuiting that it may not be safe to be fully known.

Every soul knows:

Someone can only offer us as much belonging as they have offered the messy parts of their own self. 

Radical Belonging begins with learning how to fully belong to ourself and accept every part of who we are. From there it becomes possible to feel like we belong wherever we are, and to be the presence that offers that gift to other women as well. 

The Sophia Retreats create a safe space for radical belonging with it's small group size. This high level of intimacy is a luxury most retreats haven't invested, and it's one of the things that sets the Sophia Experience apart and makes the week so impactful. 


Sensuous Spirituality

This is a spirituality that affirms the body and sensuality.

What we crave is to feel alive. To feel whole not in theory, but as a lived reality of our own feminine experience. To find the sacredness in all things-- in the natural world around us and in the wild of our self. 

We do this through intentional, playful and mindful delight in our senses.

Sophia teaches us that our body is a temple, the earth is good, and delight is the first spiritual practice. 



Is this a Christian thing?

Nope. It's not a "Christian" thing, although those who are close with the Holy Spirit will feel a familiar Presence on retreat.

But don't expect bible quoting. This is definitely not an organized-religion thing.  

Many of us are actively deconstructing the faith of our youth, and/or on the hunt for an authentic, embodied spirituality that includes the feminine.

We have a mystical flair, so the Holy Spirit is always invited on Sophia Retreats.

And, fair warning, never once has she not shown up.

Sophia Retreats can be a spiritual experiences, but not in any conventional way. 

Come with an open mind and a soft heart.