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Luxurious Beach Front Hotel, Glamorous Rest & Relaxation, Endless Guacamole,

Candid Conversations with Kindreds on the Feminine Wholeness Journey

The Details:

When: Nov 4-7,2019

Where: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Why: Guacamole & Girl-Time in the Sun!


Sometimes all you need is a few good days away with the right women to set your hear right and your whole life in a more exciting direction.

If self-care has been the name of your game and ocean view R&R has been on your vision board;

if growing beyond the purity culture/limited mindset of your youth has made you feel like you don’t belong in your old community;

if you are on a budget but still desperately need a glamorous get-away;

if you love guacamole, margaritas and laugh-out-loud girl time, come with me to Mexico this fall!

This retreat is really about the gift of recharging in the company of kindreds...being in a beautiful place where all your meals and drinks are taken care of so you get to just relax and be you...and enjoy an endless stream of candid conversations, #realtalk, and authentic wisdom from amazing women like you. 

I can't wait to meet  you on the beach every morning for feel-good feminine embodiment yoga.

I can't wait to host you in my space every evening for healing and encouraging women circle.

I can't wait to lounge and swim and just be with you!

What I've heard from MANY of you is that the feminine wholeness journey can feel pretty dang lonely at time, like NO ONE in your old communities/families/friend groups gets you anymore.

We need to meet one another! We need to laugh! And maybe we need a margarita or two. (Virgin margs for those who are alcohol free these days!) :)

BONUS: First 5 who register get a private 2-hour sexy selfie workshop with me!


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On top of this amazing venue with all you can eat and drink effortlessness:

You can count on these things:

Beauty: we'll be delighting in all of our senses, and really taking in the wonder of the color turquoise.

Presence: I'm here for you, to hold space for you to process whatever your heart/soul/body tells you it's time to process. I will remind you that you are safe, that you belong, that you are loved.

Shared Experience: We are here for each other! Sharing our stories, our truth, our hopes and our dreams! We will be witnesses for one another of what is highest and truest in us. We will make all the room we need for laughter and cleansing tears. We will reflect back to one another radiance, acceptance, love.

Knowledge: you will come away knowing things you didn't know before about yourself, about sex, about pleasure and being a woman.


  • Feminine Embodiment Yoga Every morning

  • Women’s Circle Every Evening

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  • 4 days and 3 nights

  • Private or shared room at the Luxurious Hyatt Ziva

  • All you can eat, all you can drink.

  • Guided Feminine Embodiment every morning with Morgan

  • Evening Woman Circles lead by Morgan

  • EARLY BIRD! $997 for ocean view double bed in shared room all inclusive food and drink. (After Aug.1, rate is $1200).

  • EARLY BIRD! $1493 for ocean front king in single room, all inclusive food and drink. (After Aug. 1, rate is $1600)

  • Focus will be on relaxation and candid conversation with women it's safe to be your WHOLE self around.

Save Your Spot

  • $500 non-refundable deposit, space is limited.

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Deposit is non-refundable, but may be transferable to a future retreat.

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