What happens to women when they become aware of Sophia’s divine power within themselves? Reality is changed...
— Wisdom Feast: Sophia in Study & Celebration

Sophia is greek for wisdom.

There is more material on Sophia than almost any other figure in the bible besides Jesus, yet we know so little about her. 

However, she is rising in our consciousness.

(At such a time as this, right?  With the #metoo movement, and #timesup, the feminine is rising everywhere).

And Sophia does not limit herself to the bible, nor does she confine herself to Christianity.  

She is Wisdom.

She is Mystery. 

She is Presence.

She is the sacred and divine feminine in you and me.



What I, Morgan (creator of the Sophia Retreats), have learned about Sophia is that she prefers to be known not through scripture, but through embodiment.

Embodiment is key to wholeness; it's what we all crave and it's the special kind of wisdom that Sophia teaches. 

Sophia Retreats aren't concerned with defining who Sophia is (because she will be unique to each of us), they are about experiencing who she is and allowing her compassionate, playful, healing presence to shift our relationship with ourselves, each other, God and the world around us.  

Through sensual yoga, guided meditations, healing breathwork, candid conversations, dressing up glamorously, and being playful and adventurous we delight in all the ways we can intimately connect with-- and embody her wisdom-- in our own lives as women devoted to Love. 

At the Sophia Retreat you are invited to explore who Sophia is to you... and to let your reality be changed and illuminated in the process.